MyChron 3 Plus Kart Data Acquisition

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MyChron 3 PLUS for Kart Racing Use

This unit includes the RPM, Infared Pick Up, and Speed / Magnetic Pickup Lead.

MyChron 3 plus Kart is a 7-channel-data recording with digital dash logger with graphical and digital rpm indicator, automatically lap time recording, two indications for temperature with additional alarm LED’s, speed indicator, sequential shift-lights and gear indicator. It has a data logger, which stores all measuring values up to 10 times per second and which can display these data out of more than one hour driving time, on the very contrasty, good readable display or be transferred on to a PC with the standard USB-adapter.

If the data are played over the display, the process can be stopped at any time, to turn forwards and backwards in 1/10 second intervals, so also short-termed events can be analyzed precisely. Additionally the device stores the lap times and min-max values of rpm and the analogue channels out of 315 laps. Who wants to analyze his data professional, can do this by using the software Race Studio 2 on the PC.

MyChron 3 has a water proof (IP 65) nylon covering and the sensors are through screwed connectors ensured against vibrations. Therefore a modem is at hand, which is installed under the front shield or on the floor panel and is only with one cable connected to steering wheel-display. The high quality display device is either screwed onto the existing steering wheel or integrated to the as accessory available AIM-steering wheel.

Furthermore it stores the operating hours (such as from the engine) and shows the battery voltage. There many different languages available in the menu for the setting of the device parameter, which makes the configuration and the complete handling very easy. Also the configuration can be done comfortable over the PC. MyChron 3 plus Kart is delivered with an illuminated Display.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review