About EKP

extra-kart-parts-logo-light-45-32-32.jpgWhat makes Extra Kart Part Different? 

Think of EKP (Extra Kart Parts) as your first stop when looking for your karting needs.  We don't have everything you might need, but we work hard to bring you great values.  We source our products from large buy outs.  Many times we have new and used items.  Our inventory is always evolving and changing as we have high turn over rates.  We also handle dismantling and part outs of kart engines and chassis.

For the absolute best prices from Extra Kart Parts, keep an eye on our social media channels, as we post our new items to these places first.  Once the end up in an online marketplace, we have to add a little markup to cover our additional costs.

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If you are a fellow industry member and want to buy in bulk, we have unique programs for that as well.