Kart Cover with Elastic Band - blue, red, orange, green, gray

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Free Shipping, Economical Kart Cover for Full size sprint chassis, cadet karts, and kid karts ( will be a little large on kid kart setup.  Will not fit a full size laydown style chassis
Vinyl Kart Cover for racing karts to protect your kart chassis and engine from light element conditions.
Economical kart cover to keep your kart covered from light rain, wind, dust, and other light weather conditions.  Use in the trailer or garage to keep your dust off the kart.
Use the kart cover to hide your kart from spying eyes.  

Multiple colors available.  Non-branded

Available in grey, green, red, orange, blue

Grey is a muted flat grey / gray
Green is a mid tone color, darker than an OTK or TB Kart Green.  
Red is a soft solid red, not pink
Orange - burns your retinas - California Poppy Orange or Intrepid Orange
Blue - Standard run of the mill blue

** Do not use a knife to open the box when you receive item.  You will slice right through the cover.  **

Wholesalers and dealers welcome.  Please send us a private message.  Dealers must by in qty's of more than 10 pcs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review