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Buy purchasing this item in $10.00 increments, your funds will go directly to the Norcal Karters project to help keep the website alive for local kart racers.

In 2021 we added Live Stream Podcasts with more guests and karting content.  We completely redesigned our website presence.  We upgraded our kart calendar experience.  Having extra funds will allow us to look at more race coverage without relying on the tracks (racers via entry fees) to cover the full cost of having someone cover their events.

We are also looking at expanding our How To Videos to help new and experienced karters with more information to help lessen the learning curve of kart racing.

Or if you prefer, you can donate via Paypal by using our unique link,

If you decided to donate, gift, or contribute to the Norcal Karters project, in order notes, leave a message of what content you want to see on the website.

To keep an eye on what we are doing with Norcal Karters, visit all of our online sites.

Norcal Karters is not a Non-Profit structure.  A donation tax deduction receipt will not be given.  Extra Kart Parts allows Norcal Karters to piggy back off their karting ecommerce site to keep costs lower for Norcal Karters.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review