Shifter Kart Sprockets and Gears on Extra Kart Parts

Jul 5th 2021

Shifter Kart Sprockets and Gears on Extra Kart Parts

I will use the blog to highlight items that may or may not be on our shopping cart yet.  Today, I am focusing on shifter kart sprockets and gears that I currently have in stock and ready to ship.

428 Shifter Kart Sprocket

As a primer to a shifterkart sprockets and gears, we will start with a few basic terms.

  • Axle size - as measured from the ID of the sprocket, or OD of the axle
    • 50mm
    • 40mm
    • 30mm
    • 1 1/4"
    • 1 3/8"
  • Tooth Count - The number of teeth on the sprocket.  Shifter Karts usually have a rear axle sprocket in the range of 23T-27t, but this will vary for each track configuration or engine package
  • Pitch - Chain Pitch - The distance between each tooth or chain link.  Common shifter kart chain sizes include
    • #428 Chain - Most Common for Honda CR80, Honda CR125, and ICC / KZ Engines
    • #415 Chain - Upgrade for shifter engines.  Lighter weight, replace more often for reliability
    • #520 Chain - Never used for kart racing applications 

Aluminum Shifter Kart Sprocket

Extra Kart Parts stocks many styles of sprockets for most applications.  Popular brands may include Swift, Freeline, Ergal, KPU, RLV, and many more.  View the selection now, Drive Train Category