Karting Parts Auction Style

Jul 6th 2021

Karting Parts Auction Style

New to Extra Kart Parts is a quick link to my eBay Auction Only items page.  I have many kart parts listed on eBay in the Buy Now format.  I will start adding some of the inventory in which I have a lot of items or the items that I need to clear out to make room for newer inventory. 

Current Kart Auctions

The quick link allows you to easily find the best buy on kart parts via the Auctions link.  If you are also a reseller and you find items that are of interest to you, please send me a separate message.  I can offer even deeper discounts to those who purchase in bulk volume.

Current kart parts inventory that I have deeper discounts available include:

  • 50mm Axles
  • Douglas Spun Aluminum Wheels
  • Shifter Kart Sprockets
    • Honda CR125 Front Drive Gears
    • 50mm Axle Sprockets
    • 40mm Axle Sprockets
    • Honda CR80 Sprockets
    • TM ICC KZ Sprockets
  • MG Evinco Tire Sets - Red 4.6/7.10 Case of 4 (SH Version)
  • Rotax Engine Parts and Lower Ends
    • and more, just ask

Thank you for your continued support as I grow the Extra Kart Parts brand