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EKP-Shop Rags
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Product Overview

Box of Clean (used) shop rags that are repurposed.  Perfect for general shop rags for working on your car, kart, wiping down tools, and many other uses for shop towels.

Approximately 150 to 200 rags per box (based on size of box)

We source used terry cloth towels, so there will be some holes and frays in the fabric, but its a cheap alternative to new shop rags.  The rags will have some stains, but all rags are cleaned before being sourced.  Remember, it is a cheap alternative to new.

Also, lint is at a minimum with the clean used shop towels.

Pictures are an example of what you can expect from the box, some rags are used but no holes or frays.  Many are used with obvious signs of wear, but who cares if its just a shop rag for cleaning up messes and spills.

Being that these are used rags sourced in large volumes, inspect the rag before use if you are using them on any finished surfaces that cannot get scratched or damaged.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review