Shifter Kart - Direct Drive Pull Strap - Start Rope - 2" Wide w/ Handle Red

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Shifter Kart - Direct Drive Pull Strap to Start. Condition is New.

Colors available in yellow, blue, orange, and red (separate listings for each - prices vary)

Strap is 2" wide to decrease slippage while pulling to start engine

Strap is 6.5' long to allow multiple wraps around rear kart tire and itself.

Stop messing with ropes that slip or burn your hands.

Stop dodging tie down metal hooks and not enough friction.

Designed for a rear kart tire with a 33.00" - 34.00" circumference. Standard 7.1 shifter kart tire.

Built it sewn and reinforced handle to increase pulling power for higher compression shifter or direct drive engines.

Makes starting your 80 shifter, 125 shifter, or 175 shifter easier.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review